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GEMS - Green Energy Management Solution

Increase revenues, decrease operational cost, remove unpredictable expenses, free staff to focus on critical issues and stay on the right side of regulations with energy management and building automation. 


For most buildings, one of the biggest expenses is energy cost that eats cash. Compass Solutions specializes in wireless energy management for multifamily and commercial properties. As your energy management experts, we focus on finding and reducing all energy and cash waste for your operation.


We understand that your time is limited, budget is tight and projects need a quick ROI. We use a customized energy management solution that makes energy efficiency projects fast, profitable and with minimal staff interruptions.


10 Point Energy Profit Evaluation

This comprehensive evaluation looks at every possibility for energy savings and lays out a step by step approach to keep upfront cost low. This includes:

  • Energy Utility Audit – We find billing errors that can save you thousands of dollars
  • Utility Rebate Study – We locate local, state, federal and utility benefits available to you
  • Water Evaporation Credit – We get back the money you are overpaying for sewage water
  • Wireless Networked Thermostat – Reduce energy cost by 25% by controlling stats online
  • Lighting Automation – Movement sensors & bi-lighting quickly reduces energy waste
  • Building Energy Audit – We look for all energy efficiency projects that save money
  • Building Automation – Wireless internet services makes your building smarter & more profitable
  • HVAC - Short-term, energy efficiency improvements save energy with a faster ROI
  • Demand Response Program – Get paid from utility companies for being energy efficient
  • Financing – Our network of financial entities can help support your projects

Call to schedule a free Profit Evaluation for your properties today.


Vance Prillaman

Director of Business Development

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