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network-operation-support-centerNetwork Operations Center (NOC) Support

Compass Knows Network Management Systems(NMS)…Every Network Operating Center (NOC) they Build Has Consistent 24-Hour Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24-hour monitoring and network management for the entire client’s area network. This basic service provides fault monitoring for routers and switches, as well as other manageable devices such as DSUs, CSUs and data services including frame-relay and switched-multimegabit data services (SMDS). Fault Monitoring provides for "in-service" or "out-of-service" event monitoring; and upon identification of a problem, Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel alerts agency personnel and engage in immediate problem resolution leading to service restoration. Call tracking and escalation procedures are strictly followed per service-level agreement (SLA) established with our clients.

Performance monitoring includes the fault management services of Fault Monitoring as described above, as well as:

  • Network Health Status Reporting: Through continual event monitoring, OCTO provides both statistical and graphical performance information on the network. Reports include traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, protocols used and tuning recommendations from our team of experienced Senior Wide Area Network Engineers.
  • Network Design and Documentation: Through the network management system (NMS) our Senior Wide Area Network Engineers have the ability to construct and maintain a graphical network map. As an added service, topology and design concerns will be noted with recommendations for improvement.
  • Router Configurations: The Network Operations Center is able to store and maintain router and/or switch configurations on a secure server. In the event of a failure requiring replacement Network Operations personnel can download the configuration of a device enabling a fast restoration of service.

The Network monitoring service includes all the features and services of both fault and performance monitoring services with the addition of:

  • Service Level Reporting: To track and report on quality level of service for networks, groups, servers, and functional units in conformance to the SLA
  • Life Cycle Management: For all network switches, hubs, and routers, which includes the automatic replacement of network devices every three years and break/fix maintenance on all currently supported devices

Compass has extensive know-how in HP OpenView Configuration for large-scale system and network management of various IT infrastructures.

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