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Compass Fulfills Any and All Network Security Needs…IDS/IPS, Access Control, Identity/Risk Management and more…

Compass Solutions has over 10 years experience in providing network layer security management for intrusion detection and prevention (host-based and network-based), network access control and vulnerability management systems. Past success efforts have included deployment of intrusion detection and prevention, as well as managing and tuning IDS appliances. Additionally, we possess strong experience in conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment along with security incident response activities. Also at the network security layer, Compass designs, deploys, configures and continually monitors network-based and host-based intrusion detection and prevention sensors.


As part of our solutions suite, Compass Solutions offers a full security audit of client’s infrastructure by identifying risks and vulnerabilities for different network elements including firewalls, VPN, IDS, access control, anti-virus and server patch levels.

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