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barBAR - Billing Accuracy and Reporting

Compass’ BAR, A Major Differentiator When it Comes to Telecom Invoice Audits and Cost Recovery

Compass Solutions has proven experience in providing holistic audits of voice and data circuits leveraging its Billing Accuracy and Reporting methodology, BAR. The BAR offering is a comprehensive review, analysis and recovery of over-charges on clients’ telecommunications billing for voice, data, wireless and equipment. Our BAR methodology is a major differentiator because it is the most exhaustive, extensive and modular review of your past bills, current charges and projected future telecom expenses. Highlights include:

  • Recovery and savings due to correction of billing errors
  • Savings and refunds due to reconciliation of billing rates against contract terms and negotiated rate plans
  • Recovery due to review of rates and tariff
  • Analysis of usage patterns
  • Comparison of actual usage to billed amounts
  • Refunds due to miscalculated carrier charges
  • Savings from re-negotiating current terms and rates, if desired
  • Review and recovery from incorrect application of federal state and local taxes
  • Recovery from fraud and misuse
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