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timTIM - Telecom Infrastructure Management

TIM By Compass Solutions is Telecom Expense Management at Its Best

Compass Solution is a true infrastructure solutions company offering clients solutions that maximize technology to empower their business. One signature solution is TIM, Telecom Infrastructure Management. TIM is a unique set of automated tools and a methodology for managing telecom assets, invoices and services.

Compass Solutions has successfully implemented its TIM solutions for several large enterprises that were seeking a comprehensive telecom expense management (TEM) solution. Compass Solutions has been enjoying a high level of client satisfaction for its TIM solution. It offers strong benefits and immediate return on investments to enterprises. Clients can proactively and easily manage, review and control their telecom assets and expenditures, as well as enjoy other valuable features:

  • Billing errors are discovered prior to payment, thereby eliminating overcharges.
  • Automatically tracks service-level agreements and immediately applies penalties for missed service levels (automatic deduction is done when applicable)
  • All telecom invoice management including wireless invoice management are streamlined and automated, thus replacing the typically error-prone manual processing
  • Workflow built-in such that invoices can be routed, approved and paid automatically
  • Several access levels so that different approval and security levels are assigned as necessary
  • Web-based, which provides clients with the convenience of on-line vendor invoice management without the need for additional infrastructure costs
  • Eliminates the need for additional staff to manage manual processing of invoices, thus bringing additional savings where applicable.
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