Company Overview

Compass Solutions, LLC is a leading information technology managed services and solutions company that delivers technology services that fit the business model of its clients. Compass Solutions partners with its clients to:

  • Deliver world class services to their end-users
  • Effectively manage IT infrastructure
  • Ensure critical systems are optimally designed, configured, managed and secured

Founded in 1998 and in operation since 2003, Compass Solutions is a certified minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and preferred vendor for several State and Local Governments, including Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.. Compass Solutions’ customer base includes but is not limited to:

  • Federal, state and local governments, and Education systems
  • Healthcare, hospital systems and Insurance companies
  • Telecommunications service providers

Compass Solutions has developed solutions and services that leverage their expertise to solve institutional problems clients encounter in IT and business. We provide world-class services either through consulting or on a staff augmentation basis. Some areas of expertise include:

  • IT Managed Services
  • IT Security and Compliance
  • Independent Verification and Validation services
  • Systems Modernization and Cloud Solutions

Approach & Methodology

Compass Solutions’ success is directly attributable to its reliance on honed methodology and a proven approach that can be adapted to diverse system deployment projects. Our methodology is based on industry best practices and standards such as ISO, ITIL, FISMA, CoBIT, and NIST. We leverage our methodology in all areas including:

Project Management

The “Compass Management Framework” is a unique holistic set of plans, processes and approaches based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge’s (PMBOK) and the ISO 9001’s Quality Management standards.


PASS (Project-based Augmentation and Staffing Support) is our unique 5-step methodology for identifying skill requirements, recruiting talents, engaging candidates, matching the right candidate to the right opportunity and transferring knowledge at the end of the project.

Service Delivery

The Compass Solutions “Service Delivery Toolkit” consists of a proven set of tools, templates and checklists that enables Compass to provide a keen focus on each client’s requirements. This ensures high quality delivery for each and every engagement.

Quality Assurance

The Compass Solutions Quality Assurance (QA) methodology is a set of consistent processes to ensure the completeness and quality of project deliverables for each client based on their defined performance criteria.

Change Management

The Compass Solutions Change Management methodology, derived from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), minimizes the impact of change-related issues on the quality of service, thereby improving system operations.

Awards and Recognition

  • INC Magazine: INC 5000 Honoree (Awarded five times between 2010 to Present)
  • Top Small Businesses Award –
  • Initiative for a Competitive Inner City – Fastest Growing and Best Managed Inner-City
    Small Business in the U.S. (Received 4 annual awards between 2011 to present)
  • Member, Technology Council of Maryland
  • Maryland Certified Minority Business Enterprise
  • Certified Business Enterprise – DC Government
  • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) – U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Certified Business Enterprise in 46 out of 50 U.S. states

Corporate Social Responsibility

Compass Solutions is committed to giving back to its local communities, we play an essential role in stimulating the local economy by partnering with community groups and providing training and employment to local residents.

Compass Solutions has a commitment and passion to provide an equitable proportion of its subcontract awards to Local Small Businesses, Small and Disadvantaged Businesses and Veteran-Owned Businesses

Compass Solutions typically sets aside a percentage of all new hires for local residents. Compass Solutions is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best labor personnel regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin. Moreover, we strive to create a diverse work environment that fully capitalizes on the abilities, skills and potential of our employees.

Partnerships and Alliances

Compass partners with many of the leading technology companies; we have access to specialized training from these vendors and are able to collaborate closely with them on their technologies. Our employees are constantly developing their expertise on the products and services of our partners.

Some of our partners include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cisco/Meraki Wireless – Partner
  • Dell Corporation – Gold Premier Partner
  • EMC Corporation – Alliance Partner
  • Emulex Corporation – Partner
  • EQUUS Computer – Partner/ Value Added Reseller
  • Hewlett Packard – HP Integration Partner
  • Hitachi Corporation – Partner
  • IBM – Partner
  • Microsoft Silver Partner
  • Oracle Business Partner
  • Silicon Graphics International – Partner
  • Telebright Corporation – Value Added Systems Integrator
  • VMware – VIP Systems Partner




Compass Solutions Leverages Technology to Enable Business…Experience the ‘Compass Effect’

Case Study – Thin Client Solution for a Retail Company


A retail company with 140 stores in 16 states and Canada wanted 13 applications, on UNIX and NT platforms, rolled out to its stores. It required a low-cost solution that did not require local co-located IT support at the stores, it also did not want to incur considerable connectivity or other infrastructure costs.

The COMPASS Approach…

An extensive location by location audit revealed a wide discrepancy in server, desktop and connectivity infrastructure. The Compass team working with the client developed a baseline infrastructure for kiosks, standard and flagships stores. The team also developed baseline environment for servers, routers, switches, firewall configurations and connectivity bandwidth. Using these baselines, Compass crafted a solution that met the needs of even the lowest common denominator.

The COMPASS Effect…

The retail client is able to access all 13 applications located at a central Data Center without needing to upgrade any server or client software and hardware. Even remote stores with only a 56KB dial-up access are also able to access these applications.


Case Study – IT Forensic Audit


A wireless company was concerned that one or several of its vendors and employees may be systematically overcharging for services, misrepresenting deliverables, and compromising the accounting process.

The COMPASS Approach…

The Compass IT Forensics team conducted a process review for billing, software licensing and acceptance of services to answer the question: “How should they have done business?” The team began its audits by reviewing 2 years’ worth of archived e-mails, files and logs, and completed a keyword search of over 1.5 Terabytes of data.

Secondly, it compared sample price quotes with purchase orders and also with the final invoices.

Finally, it setup electronic usage monitoring.

The COMPASS Effect…

Through its audits, Compass was able to show a pattern of fraud. It was able to save the company substantial amounts and also helped it secure its operations. Compass concluded this engagement by locking down the client’s production environment by recommending usage and change control policies, tightening RAS access, implementing intrusion detection and grooming the firewall.


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